Here are few cases that we have treated for patient reference

Case 1

SCENARIO:  Patient had an existing old upper 6 unit all porcelain crowns, 2 unit bridge on the left side and 6 individual all porcelain crowns. Patient complains of bad breath due to the leakage on the margins of the crowns. Patient is not satisfied with the appearance of the teeth due to the black lines on the gum lines and the extreme forward position of the front teeth. Upper has different color from the lower teeth.

TREATMENT: Upper has now 5 individual units, 3 unit bridge and 6 lower front teeth made of all porcelain (EMAX) – No Metal. Treatment was completed in 3-4 days.

Case 2

SCENARIO: Patient came to the office with broken fillings on the upper front teeth. She also dislikes the color of her teeth.

TREATMENT: Brite Smile Teeth Whitening and restored broken teeth with colored fillings matching her new whitened natural teeth.

Case 3

TREATMENT: Full Mouth E-Max Veneers/ Pressed Ceramic Veneers

Case 4

TREATMENT: Cosmetic Bonding