Dental Anxiety

Some patients are anxious in going to the Dentist for different reasons. This may include past Dental traumatic experiences, fright of receiving local anaesthesia and/or needle prick as well as financial concerns.

In Smiles R’ Us, we help patients overcome dental anxiety by providing a good Dentist-Patient communication. Our understanding Dentists will encourage patients to discuss openly their fears and then we’ll make sure that we will establish trust and keep patients informed throughout the procedure.

If not addressed, Dental Anxiety can actually contribute to additional dental problems. When you keep avoiding a trip to the Dentist, unnecessary oral health problems may arise and can end up to much more time spent in a dental chair when treatment is the only option. Patients should visit the Dentist regularly to ensure that dental problems are caught early.


  • Relax. Focus on breathing regularly and slowly
  • Eat. Pick foods with a high protein content. This produces a calming effect.
  • Avoid Sugary Foods
  • Avoid Caffeine. Coffee makes you more anxious
  • Communicate. Discuss specific fears with your Dentist. Use hand signals during the procedure to inform your Dentist of any discomfort.
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